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California Lemon Law

The California Lemon Law

The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, commonly referred to as California’s “Lemon Law,” is a law designed to protect California consumers who have purchased products which are defective and to which the manufacturer is unable to fix appropriately under warranty. Under the right circumstances, consumers are entitled to have the defective product repurchased or replaced. While it applies to most any consumer good, it is most often used related to new motor vehicles.


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Simply because the law states that consumers are entitled to a repurchase or replacement does not mean manufacturers want to offer the appropriate remedy. Oftentimes, manufacturers attempt to frustrate consumers with “obstruct and delay” strategies designed to have consumers walk away from their repurchase rights. The attorneys associated with The Law Offices of Michael Devlin are seasoned professionals with extensive experience successfully dealing with these “obstruct and delay” strategies.


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The Law Offices of Michael Devlin work almost exclusively on a contingency basis, charge no upfront fees to clients, and cover litigation costs on behalf of clients. Under the California Lemon Law, when a manufacturer does replace or repurchase a defective product the manufacturer is then obligated to pay the consumer’s attorney’s fees and costs on the consumer’s behalf. Taken together, this means that clients can rest assured that the Law Offices of Michael Devlin will seek to be paid by the manufacturer on clients’ behalf at the resolution of each case.


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Understanding Your Lemon Law Rights

Understand Your Rights

The remedy under California’s Lemon Law is very straightforward – consumers typically have a right to a repurchase or a replacement. There is an affirmative duty on the manufacturer, whether they like it or not, to offer such a repurchase or replacement. Consumers need only provide an opportunity to manufacturers to fix the product. After that, if the product is still not fixed within a reasonable number of attempts, consumers have a right to the repurchase or replacement.


Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act

Established in 1970, the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, commonly referred to as “California’s Lemon Law,” was the law put into effect by the California legislature designed to assist California consumers facing warranty issues with their recently purchased defective products. Among other things, one of the most important provisions of the Act was that it mandated that consumer good manufacturers are required to repurchase or replace products under certain conditions. While generally thought of as applying to automobiles, California’s Lemon Law is designed to address most any type of consumer good purchased with a warranty. In addition to automobiles, this includes motorcycles, recreational vehicles, motor homes, boats, electronics, and more.


How we may be able to help you

The attorneys affiliated with the Law Offices of Michael Devlin are litigators with vast levels of experience handling cases under the Song-Beverly Act. The Offices handle California Lemon Law disputes throughout the state of California.

Whether the facts of your case would allow your vehicle or consumer good to qualify under California’s Lemon Law is something to which the Law Offices of Michael Devlin may be able to assist (And do so at No Cost To You). Even if you purchased your vehicle used, the attorneys may be able to demonstrate that such vehicle was still considered a “new motor vehicle” under the definition within the Lemon Law. Even if your vehicle presented problems outside of the 18 month/18,000 mile presumption period, the Law Offices of Michael Devlin may still be able to help you.